Block unwanted calls on Android like a boss

Cellular technology has enabled us to stay in touch with others in real-time no matter where in the world we are. But it too has its downsides. We’re not referring to the poor services carriers provide or the heavy cost you can incur when travelling out of home coverage, but those pesky unwanted callers that are simply an annoyance.

From telemarketers to strangers (stalkers) to accidental dials, they can completely ruin your day through repeated calls. Well, if you’re on Android, there’s absolutely no need for you to put up with unwanted calls anymore. Most OEMs have started integrating a block feature into their smartphones, but you won’t know its existence unless you dig around your handset.


Well, we’ve done the needful. If you own a Google Nexus smartphone, then you’ll have the option to divert specific callers straight to voicemail. Apart from the search giant, OEMs like HTC, LG and Samsung amongst others have their own unique block tools.

These options are great for blocking known callers, but what about telemarketers who call from numerous numbers. Well, don’t fret – There’s a solution for this as well. One of the best options available in the market is Truecaller which lets you know the name of the person or company the number is registered.

The application also has a block calls feature that automatically rejects callers which match their list of top spammers. The roster is compiled based on feedback provided by a huge user-base of over 75 million.

Apart from this, there are numerous apps on the Play store that offer blocking which is great if you don’t have the feature integrated. Call Control, Call Blocker Free – Blacklist, Mr. Number are a few recommendations and here are a few more of the best Android call blockers Google Play Store has to offer.

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